Are you an event planner looking for a way to modernize and streamline registration and data management for your business? If so, Basham Event Support Technologies has your solution!

How does it work?
- Your clients fill in online forms, saving you time otherwise spent doing data entry. Forms for each event are customized, so you get all the information you need without sacrificing simplicity for the novice end user. Your registrants receive confirmations by email, so everyone has a record.
- Through secure, web-based data portals, you have instant, 24-hour access to all registrations. At the click of a button, view summaries of different components of your data. You may likewise offer 24-hour viewing access to need-to-know personnel at the companies you service. You and your clients will love having the ability to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on all your numbers!
- You can also download rooming lists, activity rosters, address labels and more! Download straight into spreadsheets that are ready to send to hotels, air partners, and destination management companies.
- Gain the power of a database without needing to understand how databases work and without needing to buy and learn proprietary software. Simple menus are self explanatory. If you can surf the web, you can manage your data!

How much does it cost?
- The base charge is a mere $10 per registrant. This covers development and hosting of a web-based registration form and data updating/viewing portals. The kinds of data and reports most commonly dealt with by event planners are available as part the basic BEST registration and data management package. Certain customizations may cost extra and can be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Between your time savings and the deluxe services you will be able to sell to existing and prospective clients, the system can easily pay for itself!

How do I begin?
- Contact BEST to find out how quickly you can start saving time and money! Get your clients registering in no time!